Volume 15, Issue 1

Message from the President

I gave the following message to our new Fellows and Members at the last Admission Ceremony, and wish them to take a broader view on their future careers.

For all young Fellows, and even for us who have been in the profession for quite some years, I think we should not stop reflecting our past and debating on our way forward, for I believe it is our collective hope and desires that are important to shape our own future. So it may help if from time to time we could set ourselves free from all busy routine, take a moment to look back on the path that brought us here, and wonder how we should go forward - ask ourselves questions, get a different view, and critically rethink even the most obvious. You may perhaps also agree with me the two things I am going to say about...

Volume 14, Issue 1

Message from the President

Why Pathology Matters? A word to the new pathologists at the 13th Admission Ceremony I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to all soon to be admitted new Fellows and Members of the College. Your success in becoming a specialist is especially welcome and somewhat relieving in times when the prospect of shortage of pathologists is worrisome, when we may edging towards the global trend of manpower insufficiency in pathologists as in many developed countries.

Sometimes I wonder, from the day you decide to take up pathology as your career, what have been your responses to the all-too-familiar question of your parents or friends, when they say: “Well, very good, you want to become a pathologist, but don’t you want to be a REAL doctor? Don't you want to take care...